Friday, 9 January 2015

Assignments given on 09/01/2015

Congratulations to everybody! We have survived the first week of school. :)

MathematicsNo homework. :)

HistoryNo homework. :)

ChemistryNo homework. :) And
   Please bring your chemistry books to school. 

Physics (13th January)
   Research and read up on difference between Weight and Mass.
   Read the Activity 4c - Vernier calipers

Social Studies
   Finish the worksheet on Interesting Facts about Venice and also the Features of early Venetian society. (13th January)
  Bring your green file. 
  You should buy Secondary 4 Social Studies. [Last chapter of this book is about Venice.] 
*You can also refer to your Macbooks if you don't have the book*


   You have your homework given accordingly in different classes. 
   Finish the Reflective Essay in your Holiday Vacation Homework (Funpack)You can refer to the notification here. (12 January, 1500)

Higher Chinese: No homework. :) And 
   Keep your 3A and 3B Chinese books in your lockers.

   Finish your holiday funpack(11th January, 2359)

   Please bring your books and purple file (with dividers). 
   Start revising some திருக்குறள்
   Read the first chapter வாசித்தல் பகுதி (12th January)
   Prepare a 1-min speech on the benefits of reading newspapers (12th January)

Enjoy your 2nd weekend of the year! 

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