Friday, 16 January 2015

Assignments given on 16/01/2015

   Don't forget to bring your graph paper and graph ruler !
   Complete this question: Q2 (Chapter 1B page 27) and Q3 (Chapter 1B page 28). You can submit this today (16th January) or on Monday (19th January). 
   Start your Performance Task. Check email from Ms Lim Ching Ching for more information.

  Complete pt.7 of blendspace. *We cannot use the alliance system as a cause for WW1*

   Please bring your chemistry books to school. 
   Form a groups of 4 or 5. Finish Activity 5 (Presentation) and share it with Thomas so that he can compile all our work. 

   Complete Worksheet 1 in your Physics Activity Book. (20th January)
   Read through the Safety Rules in Laboratories Worksheet.

Social Studies
  Bring your green file. 
  You should buy Secondary 4 Social Studies. [Last chapter of this book is about Venice.] 
*You can also refer to your Macbooks if you don't have the book*


   Finish the Spatial Organisation and Chronological Order and submit in the Google Drive Folder.
(Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 03 Submission Homework >> 01 Reflective Writing Term01Week02)
   Finish the Reflective Essay in your Holiday Vacation Homework (Funpack). You can refer to the notification here. *Those who did not submit, please email/ share your work with Ms Wang (email:* 
   Please prepare your English file with dividers ready in it. (19th January)
   Write an essay from one of the six questions in the website. You are suppose to submit your essay along with the question analysis and a plan of your essay. In the margins of your written essay, annotate the segments of 4R or Driscoll present in your essay. The essay, essay plan, and question analysis. (20th January)
   Do the vocabulary worksheet. (19th January)
Higher Chinese: No homework. :) And 
   Keep your 3A and 3B Chinese books in your lockers.

   There is a "conversation" part that you should read and practice. 

   There is Chinese spelling, Sentence formation worksheet and a worksheet that teacher gave out. 

   Please bring your books and purple file (with dividers) and photocopy the பாடப்பொருள் அடக்கம் page. (19th January)  
   Start revising some திருக்குறள். 
   Read the first chapter and second chapter வாசித்தல் பகுதி (19th January)
   பயிற்சிநூல்: Finish first comprehension (for both HTL and TL) (19th January)
   Finish your composition. (19th January)
   Bring your completed funpack. (19th January)

   Bring $12.50 to pay for the Mathematics Ten-Year-Series. Pass it to Qayyum. 
   Keep an eye for a notification about the class photo taking on Monday (19th January) in Facebook.

There is Mother TongueMathematicsChemistryHistory and English on Monday

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