Thursday, 22 January 2015

Assignments given on 22/01/2015

Guys, please revise your work regularly. :D

Mathematics    Notes (A02A) Page 29: Questions 3 and 4. (28th January)

   Mathematics Graph Drawing Quiz. Don't forget to bring your graph paper and curve graph ruler/ french curve ruler! (27th January)   Complete corrections for the 2015 Diagnostic Test.    Start your Performance Task. Check email from Ms Lim Ching Ching for more information. Check your emails, Ms Lim Ching Ching has sent us some notes to take down.

   Write an essay on the factors that caused WW1 using PEEL or PEE EL format. Write on foolscap paper. (21st January) Guys, 7 people did not hand in their work! Please submit it tomorrow morning. 

  Finish the practical worksheet. (23rd January) 

  Complete the Activity 2 in the Chemistry Worksheet Unit 2. 

Physics No homework. :) 

Social Studies
  Practice SEQ on the Rise of Venice -Google Classroom code: s0xqg7d (25th January, 2359)
  Bring your green file. 
  You should buy Secondary 4 Social Studies. [Last chapter of this book is about Venice.] 
*You can also refer to your Macbooks if you don't have the book*


   People who got back their essay, please redo them and pass it to Miss Wang next Monday. 
   The Vocabulary Worksheet
   Please go to so that you can comment your choice of advantage/ disadvantage for today's discussion question. (21st January)
   Read up on the "3 The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing" and digest over the weekend (24/25th January) .
   Finish the Spatial Organisation and Chronological Order and submit in the Google Drive Folder. (Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 03 Submission Homework >> 01 Reflective Writing Term01Week02)
   Finish the Reflective Essay in your Holiday Vacation Homework (Funpack). You can refer to the notification here. *Those who did not submit, please email/ share your work with Ms Wang (email:* 
   Please prepare your English file with dividers ready in it. 

Higher Chinese: No homework. :) 

  Write an essay. (26th January) 

   Please bring your books and purple file (with dividers) and photocopy the பாடப்பொருள் அடக்கம் page. (21st January)  
   பயிற்சிநூல்: Finish first comprehension (for both HTL and TL) (21st January)
   Bring your completed funpack. (19th January)

There is Mother TongueEnglish,  Mathematics and Assembly tomorrow. TGIF tomorrow

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