Friday, 30 January 2015

Assignments given on 30/01/2015

Sorry for the late post. ._. And start revising for level test (it's around the corner) :) ! 
   Complete the Ace learning quiz over the weekend. (31st January/ 1st February)
   Notes (A02b) Page 30: Questions 1 and 3. (30th January/ 2nd February)
   Notes (A02c) Page 30: Questions 3, 4, 6  and 11(30th January/2nd February)
   Start your Performance Task. Check email from Ms Lim Ching Ching for more information. 
  Check out the Lesson 3 here. (28th January)
  Read pages 6-12 in the textbook. Watch the Video on the Paris Peace Conference (28th January)
  Research and take down points to talk about how the Treaty of Versailles was justified according to your group's point of view. (28th January)
Chemistry: Homework is emailed to you by Mr Leanard Ngoei.  
 Finish Worksheet 2: Experimental techniques (Page 10: Question 1 and question 2)
 (2nd February, we will go through in class)
Remarks: Keep the worksheet in your book. We will do the rest after the chapter separation techniques. 

 Finish Worksheet 3: Elements, compounds and mixtures.  
Page 18: Questions 1 - 3 (put cross on 4)
Page 19: Questions 5, 7 and 9 (put cross on 6 and 8)
Pages 20-22: all except Section C Question 1c (put cross on Q1c) (3rd February, 1400 hours)
 Finish Worksheet 2A and 2B (Pages 11-20) in Physics workbook. (3rd February)
  Complete the assigned question, as a group, in Section B of the worksheet we did in class 
 Check out the tracker app!
Social Studies
 Finish the SBQ: Was the system of election in Venice fair and effective? 
Do it on foolscap paper! (3rd February)
 Bring your green file.
 You should buy Secondary 4 Social Studies. [Last chapter of this book is about Venice.]
*You can also refer to your Macbooks if you don't have the book*
   Finish the Vocabulary Test 3. (2nd February) 
Miss Wang also returned the marked worksheet for chapters 1 and 2. Please file them into your Big Blue file under the section Grammar and Vocabulary before they sublime. 
   Group work: Please finalize one of your content points with me from the group work you were doing in lesson for the PEEEL worksheet on Google Drive. Complete the PEEL worksheet as a group. Miss Wang will be stalking the revision history religiously.(1st February, 1200 hours)
(Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 02 Lesson Materials >> 02 Augmentative Essay >> Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media.) 
  People who got back their essay, please redo them and pass it to Miss Wang next Monday.(26th January)
 Individual work: Please choose 3 points from here. It is the list of content points provided to you during the Space Race. Please choose 3 content points to write a thesis. If your group's thesis has already been approved during the Space Race, you can use that. 

Using the thesis, write an introduction using the template provided here on a piece of foolscap. It can be brief, but the content must be there. Please bring it along during your first EL lesson next week. 

   Finish the Spatial Organisation and Chronological Order and submit in the Google Drive Folder. (Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 03 Submission Homework >> 01 Reflective Writing Term01Week02)
   Please prepare your English file with dividers ready in it. 
Higher Chinese: No homework. :) 
Chinese: Fill up the document which your teacher shared with you. (30th January)
  Complete the composition. (2nd February).
   பயிற்சிநூல்: Finish second comprehension (for both HTL and TL). 
   Form your group of 4 for the performance task. 
   Do corrections for your composition and file the corrections in your tamil file.
  Finish கருத்துமாற்ற வாக்கியம் worksheet. 
  HTL bring $10.90 and TL bring $9.00 for the  Ten Year Series. 
  Sign for Growing Years Programme Form
  Bring $6.50 for the Physics Ten Year Series and pass it to Qayyum. 

There is Mother TongueMathematicsChemistryHistory and English on MondayTGIF !
I will end this week with a quote. Revise, guys!

To be prepared is half the victory.
That's all for this week! Have a good weekend. :)

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