Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Assignments given on 17/02/2015

   Complete Polynomial and Partial fractions Quiz 1 (Wednesday, 18th February)
  Complete questions 3, 5 and 6 in Homework A01D. (Tuesday,17th February)
Add additional questions to Q6): 
ii) Hence, solve 2(x+10)^3 - 3(x+10)^2 - 11x - 104 = 0 
iii) Hence, solve 2y^6 - 3y^4 - 11y^2 + 6 = 0
   Finish Quadratic Equation and Inequalities Quiz 1A. (Friday,13th February) 
   Complete questions 2, 4 and 6 in Homework A01C. (Friday,13th February)

  Check out the next lesson here
  Complete a mind map to summarize key points and a presentation (3-4 minutes). More information (part 2) here
  Complete the SEQ Worksheet by next week's first lesson. 
 *Check out the facebook post about upcoming Level Test 1 in the Combined Humanities group*
Please write your answers in a foolscap paper. Strictly no typing and printing out your answers. 

 Please prepare your Chemistry files: Orange and Red
 Complete pages 9,10,11,12,13 and in your Chapter 3: Purification and Separation Techniques worksheet. (10th February)
 Complete Practice Questions Set B (page 29 of Theory Worksheet).
 Complete your Experimental Techniques worksheet in workbook (18th February, 1100am)
Section A: Pages 11 - 12 - Questions 3 - 9

Section B: Page 12 - 13 - Question 1
Skip: Qns 2
(Put a cross on "2")

Section C: Pages 14-16 - Questions 1, 2a, 2b, 2c & 2e
Skip: 2d
(Put a cross on "d", "i", "ii")x

- Please submit as a class with the worksheets bundled up and the class chem rep put a list of students who did not submit at the front. Place the bundle in Mr Ngoei's pigeon hole.
- CNY celebration should end around 1030 on Wednesday so you have a half an hour window to collect and submit to Mr Ngoei's pigeon hole. 
- You can submit on Tuesday afternoon if you find it too difficult and submit to Mr Ngoei's pigeon hole on Wednesday. However, please do it as a class. 
 Complete Worksheet 3 of Physics Workbook. (17th February) 
 Complete the assigned question, as a group, in Section B of the worksheet (Revision Worksheet 2) we did in class. 
Social Studies
 Individual work: Do up a mindmap on Rise of Venice and share it with Miss Alice Lim ( 
 Finish the Fall of Venice (Crossword puzzle). (17th February)
 Finish the Worksheet Set (by 17th February) which consists of 
  1. Foreign Threats Faced by Venice between the 15th and 18th Centuries
  2. Political Weaknesses in the Venetian Government
  3. Maritime Competition Faced by Venice
  4. Social Problems in Venice
 Bring your green file.
 You should buy Secondary 4 Social Studies. [Last chapter of this book is about Venice.]
*You can also refer to your Macbooks if you don't have the book*
   Complete one Speech Writing by choose any one option from the Writing a Speech (I/ II). (16th February, 2359)
  Finish the "All about Speeches Practice Worksheet". *For the content points, use "PART" to describe and explain.*
   Finish Chapter 5 Vocabulary Test. (16th February)
   Finish the Planning of 2 Speech Writings. 
   Finish Chapter 4 Vocabulary Test (for those who didn't hand in) (9th February)
   Chapter 19 Grammar Worksheet (for those who didn't hand in too) (4th February)
   Group work: Please finalize one of your content points with me from the group work you were doing in lesson for the PEEEL worksheet on Google Drive. Complete the PEEL worksheet as a group. Miss Wang will be stalking the revision history religiously.(1st February, 1200 hours)
(Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 02 Lesson Materials >> 02 Augmentative Essay >> Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media.) 
   Finish the Spatial Organisation and Chronological Order and submit in the Google Drive Folder. (Google Drive for S3-06/S3-07 >> 2015 EL Lessons S3-06 >> 03 Submission Homework >> 01 Reflective Writing Term01Week02)
   Please prepare your English file with dividers ready in it. *A new Tuesday homework club is introduced by Miss Wang -so those who didn't complete overdue homework, please complete and SubmiT it before Miss Wang hunts you down*
Higher Chinese & Chinese:  Sorry. Ask your friends!
  Try singing out the ஓடி விளையாடு பாப்பா கவிதை. 
   Complete the third composition. (16th February)
   பயிற்சிநூல்: Finish second comprehension (for both HTL and TL). 
   Form your group of 4 for the performance task. 

  Bring $6.50 for the Physics Ten Year Series and pass it to Qayyum. 
  There will be Physics Remedial next week for the whole class. 

There will be only Chinese New Year celebrations tomorrow! Yay! :D
You may come in red coloured shirt! 
Happy holidays and Gong Xi Fa Chai! 

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