Friday, 6 March 2015

Assignments given on 06/03/2015

MathematicsNo homework :)

  Do file worksheets in the Math Orange file regularly.

  Check out the facebook post (that will be posted in the Combined Humanities group) which is classwork on Monday, 9th March. You are allowed to do it over the weekend. 
 Complete until Page 21 in the Kinetic Particle Theory and finish the practicle worksheet. (9th March)
 Please prepare your Chemistry files: Orange and Red
   Complete Worksheet 4 in Physics Workbook. 
* You can also check out our new Physics Performance Task here*.  
Social Studies
 Finish the Nation, State and Country worksheet. (10th March)
 Bring your green file filled with completed worksheets. Submit it if you didn't yesterday!  
  English Performance Task - Vodcast Script to be finished by Wednesday, 11th March 
   Please prepare your English file with dividers ready in it.
Higher Chinese Sorry. Ask your friends! 
Chinese: Sorry. Ask your friends! 
  File in all your worksheets: Thirukkural, Compositions, etc. File Check on Term 1 Week 10/ Term 2 Week 1. 
   Finish பயிற்சிநூல் exercise: Pages 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46. (TL only)
   Finish the comprehension. 
   Complete November 2006 Paper 1 கட்டுரை in Ten Year Series. (HTL only)
  Performance task. Due date: Friday, 13th March 
   Please get your parents' signature for the OBS worksheet. There will be medical check up on Wednesday. 
   [Biotech people only] This is not the end for you guys, We have Biotech Test on 11/03/2015. 

Yay! TGIF! All the Level Test 1 Examinations came to an end. Hope that everyone will pass with flying colours! :) I will end this week with a quote to chill and of course, please submit your overdue homework, if you have any. 

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