Sunday, 15 March 2015

Assignments given on 13/03/2015 (March holidays)

Congratulations to all, we have survived the first 10 weeks of secondary 3 life! :D


  Do questions 5a, 5c and 6 in EO2A, questions 1, 3, 5 in E02B and questions 2 and 4 in E02C of Matrix Notes.  (13th March) 
  [March Holiday Homework] 2015 Sec 3 Elementary Mathematics Alternative Assessment (12 to 30 Mar 2015) 
      You should start reading the "Properties of Cricles" chapter notes. 
  Do both the Mathematics Additional Mathematics Level Test 1 Review. [March Holiday Homework]
  Do submit your overdue homeworks (if any) and file worksheets in the Math Orange file regularly and please place the Math file on top of the cabinets which is nearer to the teacher's table.

  Do watch this video and answer the following questions in the facebook group. 
When watching the following video - consider these questions: 
1. How did Rasputin affect the system of leadership?
2. What was the most important reason that led to the collapse of the monarchy? WWI, poor leadership, revolutionary groups, Rasputin?
Chemistry[March Holiday Homework]
 Complete until Page 28 in the Kinetic Particle Theory and finish the practical worksheet [print the record]. 
 Please prepare your Chemistry files with completed worksheets: Orange (Practical) and Red (Notes) [Checking on Term 2 Week 1
 Chemistry performance task. 
Physics[March Holiday Homework]
   Complete Worksheet 5 in Physics Workbook. 
* You can also check out our Physics Performance Task here*. 
   There will be a Physics SPA Workshop over the March Holidays. Please book your slot here
Social Studies: There's no Social Studies Holiday Homework! Yay! 
 Finish the Nation, State and Country worksheet (10th March) and Key Functions of a Government worksheet (12th March)
 Submit your green file filled with completed worksheets. Submit it! 
  Finish part of your Factual Question section in the Comprehension Worksheet. 
  English Performance Task - Vodcast Script to be submitted and you should start recording your debate if you are ready. [March Holiday Homework]
Higher Chinese Sorry. Ask your friends! 
Chinese: Sorry. Ask your friends! 
  File in all your worksheets: Thirukkural, Compositions, etc. [File Check on Term 2 Week 1]
   Finish பயிற்சிநூல் exercise: Pages 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46 and the 'O' Level comprehension. (TL only)
   Complete November 2006 Paper 1 கட்டுரை in Ten Year Series and three test papers. (HTL only)
  Mother Tongue Performance task. Due date: Friday, 13th March 
   Please get your parents' signature for the OBS worksheet.
   Please bring $6.50 for the Chemistry Ten-Year-Series and pass it to Thomas if you didn't. 
   Guys, do revise all the stuff we have studied over this first term. And please check out your emails for Julian's email. 
Do take good rest and take time to pull up your socks in all subjects and come back with a bang!
I will end this week with a quote for you all to have a good rest (I know everyone will sleep more :P).

That's all for this week! Have a great March holidays! . :D

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