Saturday, 11 April 2015

Assignments given on 10/04/2015

Guys, 16 days more to Common Test. 


  Math Quiz (14th April)

  History Performance task. 
  Here's the link to lesson Stalin's Rise.
  Filing: History **Colour of file: Black**
 2) Chemistry Workbook: Worksheet 4 - Atomic Structure (Pages 23 to 30)
Deadline: 13/4/2015 (Monday)
Remarks: Chem Rep bundle and put into Mr Ngoei's pigeon hole after school.
 "Homework: Writing Chemical Equations" worksheet. Redo the worksheet for extra practice. 
 Cooling Curve of Stearic Acid practical worksheet [print the record]. 
   Physics Workbook: Worksheet 6 (13th April)
   * You can also check out our Physics Performance Task here*. 
   Please complete your Physics SPA Workshop homework. (7th April) 
Social Studies:  
 Submit your green file filled with completed worksheets. Resubmit it for those who has "Resubmit" and please submit if you have not till now! 
 Vocabulary Chapter 6 (13th April)
 Crescent Girls' School Paper 2 (Narrative passage)  
The online version of the comprehension is available here.
To take note: 
Do the question analysis (keywords + tense words) 
Sourcing of answers, please underline in the passage
 Write a letter to Miss Wang (minimum 100 words, you are to write about anything that matters to you)
 English File! Postponed!  
Higher Chinese and Chinese Sorry. Ask your friends! 
  பயிற்சிநூல் exercise: Pages 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 60, 61, 62 and 63. (TL only)
Administrative Matters

- Do turn off the fans, lights, air-con and projector when you leave the classroom.

- Keep your valuables! During recess walkabouts, we've noticed students leaving laptops, wallets etc on the desk.

There is Mathematics, Mother Tongue, History Physics, and English on MondayTGIF !
I will end this week with a quote. Revise, guys!
 Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Yep, we should give quality homework to our teachers! :P
That's all for this week! Have a good weekend. :)

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