Friday, 24 April 2015

Assignments given on 24/04/2015

Guys, we have exactly 2 days to go! Jia You!!! We CaN dO tHiS! 


  Try out the revision worksheets given by Miss Lim Ching Ching . 
  Both the answers for 2014 Sec 3 Elementary Mathematics Common Test Paper and 2014 Sec 3 Additional Mathematics Common Test Paper has been emailed to you by Miss Lim Ching Ching.
  2014 Sec 3 Combined Humanities: History Common Test Paper. (Answers attached at the back)
  Filing: History **Colour of file: Black**
 2013 Sec 3 Chemistry Common Test Paper. (30th April)
 "Homework: Writing Chemical Equations" worksheet. Redo the worksheet for extra practice. 
 Cooling Curve of Stearic Acid practical worksheet [print the record]. 
   * You can also check out our Physics Performance Task here* Report on the 26th April. 
   2014 Sec 3 Physics Common Test Paper. Try out the important questions: 15, 16 and 17. Questions 7, 8, 9 of Structured Questions.
   Please complete your Physics SPA Workshop homework. (7th April) 
Social Studies:  

 Revision! More information can be found here
 Submit your green file filled with completed worksheets. Resubmit it for those who has "Resubmit" and please submit if you have not till now! 
 Summary 2 (22nd April) 
 Only some passed for filing of English File! Please bring your 'completely' filed English file. 
Higher Chinese and Chinese Sorry. Ask your friends! 
  Revision! :D
  Survey Envelope! Those who did not submit.

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