Saturday, 4 July 2015

Assignments given on 03/07/2015

Hello, people. Week 1 has passed successfully. Yay!
 Complete examples 04, 05, 06 and 08 of 13.1 Revision on Trigonometric Ratios of a General Angle in Chapter A13: Trigonometrical Ratios, Equations & Identities Notes (AM).   
 Complete the Bowen EM Paper.  [Due on 08 July, Wednesday.] 
 Additional Mathematics Alternative Assessment 2. More information can be found here. [Due on 03 July, Friday, 2359.] Come on! Today is the due date.  
  Filing: History **Colour of file: Black** 
  Link to the Rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany here. Read, watch and research about the Hitler's Nazi Germany so that you will be ready to make mindmap in class on thursday. [Due on 02 July, Thursday.] 
  Complete the pairworkmindmapping on the Rise of Hitler - Favourable Circumstances or Hitler's abilities. [Due on 06 July, Monday.] 
  Cooling Curve of Stearic Acid practical worksheet [print the record].  
  Complete questions on the Moles 1 - Gas volume calculations and Moles 2 - Reacting mass calculations worksheet.  [Due on 06 July, Monday.] 
  Try out practices 3.2 and 3.4 in the Mole Worksheet (Part 01 of 03). 
  Try out the question at the bottom on Page 5 of Worksheet 8 Kinetic Model of Matter. [Due on 07 July, Tuesday]
  Unit 8: Temperature Workbook Worksheet. [Due on 06 July, Monday.] 
  Submission of Unit 7: Pressure Workbook Worksheet [Due today] 
  Submission of Physics Practical Book [Due today] 
Social Studies
 Complete questions (a), (b) and (c) of SEQ Practice on Population Policies in Singapore in Google Classroom. [Due on 07 July, Tuesday.] 
 Social Studies Performance Task. [Due on 14 July, Tuesday, 1400.] 
 " Sec 3 June Holidays Practice 2015" homework will be collected tomorrow. [Due on 01 July, Wednesday.] Please submit to Laviin. 
 Check out the new blog:
 Complete Section B of Crescent Girls' School's Sec 3 EOY2013 over this weekend before we go through the answers next week (T3W2). [Due on 06 July, Monday] 
Higher Chinese and Chinese Sorry. Ask your friends! 
 For TL: Watch "மக்கு" Tamil short film. 
 Revision! :D
 SDM Form to be signed!!!

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